cropped-sosc-cross-single-black.jpgWelcome to the Society of Ordained Scientists. It may surprise you that a scientist should be a priest or minister. We believe that God is present in all aspects of human life and consider it part of our ministry to bring faith to the scientific community, science to the church, and both to the general public. We have members active in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and many more disciplines. Some of us work primarily as pastors, others as researchers and scientists.


SOSc-Pic-Tucson-2012 We are each of us called to a ministry of presence, witness, and service in the world. If you or your congregation want to engage more deeply in questions of theology and science, faith and reason, please contact us. Though we each have an outward ministry, the Society of Ordained Scientists is primarily focused inward. Through community, daily prayer, and regular retreats, the Society works to strengthen and enrich the ministry and faith of those who work in both fields. Our home is in the Anglican tradition, but we welcome members from many churches. If you are interested in joining, please contact one of the wardens.


3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Greetings! Gracias a Dios!
    We have social scientists as well as natural sciences. Feel free to email me at lucasjmix@gmail.com if you want to talk more.
    God is with you.
    Lucas Mix, S.O.Sc.
    Provincial Warden for North America

  2. Hi good afternoon,
    My name is Verkisto Swift (email: verkistodunamis@gmail.com), I was given the contact IRL by the Arch Deacon of Montgomery UK a couple years back, a guy named Peter Pike.
    The reason for my comment and trying to get in touch with this society is that for 4 years now I have been embroiled in varying degrees of spiritual warfare.
    Whilst I have got much better at dealing with this myself and very little help with dealing with this problem from the Church itself (ie: evaluation for exorcism and so on). I am wondering if the “Society of Ordained Scientists” knows of anyone who is approaching the concept of proving the existance of dark entities, demonic forces, negative energies from a scientific perspective and not just faith itself.
    I would love to get in touch with such a person, share experiences and see how more scientific light can be placed upon such a core value of the church.
    Please do get in touch,.

    Many thanks, Verkisto Swift

    1. Dear Verkisto,
      Thank you for reaching out. We all face a low level of spiritual warfare, but sometimes it becomes intense and expert advice can be really helpful. The best resource will usually be a diocesan exorcist, who can bring aspects of natural science (physics, physiology, and psychology) to the problem as well as pastoral and ritual expertise. It is traditionally part of the job. As with medicine, research issues can never be separated from personal issues. Thus, I can’t think of an academic or scientific venue to recommend, but I’d encourage you to ask your rector or diocese for resources tailored to your interest and circumstance. Wishing you light and life.

      God is with you.

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