All Ireland Chapter (for more information email Simon Lumby)

6 May 2020 (Wed) 2-5pm – Croke Park, Dublin – with Church of Ireland General Synod

Midlands Chapter (for more information email Stig Graham)

Northern Chapter (for more information email Ian James)

26 Mar 2020 (Thu) 11:15-15:30 – Church House, Manchester – discussion of “God and the Big Bang” project

Scottish Chapter (for more information email Ursula Shone)

Southern Chapter (for more information email Maureen Palmer or Michael Pragnell)

20 May 2020 (Wed) – Timothy Gorringe, Emeritus Professor of Theology, University of Exeter.

Massachusetts (for more information email Barbara Smith-Moran)

3 May 2020 (Sun) 7pm – Weston, MA – “Stars, Galaxies, Planets, and Life!” with Jennifer WisemanCongregational Church of Weston

SOCIETY RETREATS (see resources page for talks and sermons)

2020 – Jun 17-19 – Launde Abbey, East Norton, UK with Dr. Margaret Barker, speaking on “Creation Theology, The Temple, and the Environment”

2021 – Jul 6-8 – Hinsley Hall, Leeds, UK


2022 – TBD, first week after Epiphany


2020 – Jan 8-11 – Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ, USA (Discernment in community)

2019 – Jun 4-6 – Hinsley Hall, Leeds, UK with Rev’d Dr Sharon Jones (Anglican Chaplain and Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies, University of Birmingham)

2018 – Jun 26-28 – Sneaton Castle, Whitby, UK (Authority and leadership with Gavin Wakefield)

2018 – Jan 9-12 Richmond Hill, VA, USA (with Nicholas Knisely, Bishop of Rhode Island)

2017 – Jun 27-29 – Coverly Hall, Shropshire, UK (with David Thompson)

2016 – Jun 28-30 – Sneaton Castle, Whitby, UK (Northern Saints with Rosalind Brown and Prayer with David Wilkinson)

2016 – Jan 4-7 – Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA, USA (Pilgrimages of Perspective)

2015 – Jul 30-Jun 2 –  Scargill House, Yorkshire, UK (Faith and Science in South Asia with David Gosling)

2014 – Jun 24-26 – Sneaton Castle, Whitby, UK (Neuroscience and Faith with Alisdair Coles)

2014 – Jan 20-23 – John’s Island, SC, USA (Lived Science)

2013 – Jul 2-4 – Launde Abbey, Leicestershire, UK2012 – Jan 25-27 – Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, AZ, USA (Poetry, Religion, and Science with Bill Stoeger)

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