Episcopal Visitor:

Rt. Rev. David Walker, Manchester

Officers for the Society:

Warden: Rev. Stig Graham

Treasurer: Rev. Dr. Jennifer Zarek

General Secretary: Rev. Colin Brockie

Secretary for Associates: Rev. Robert Nelson

Officers for the North American Province:

Provincial Warden: Rev. Dr. Pamela Conrad

Secretary: Ven. Peter Cornell

Treasurer: Dcn. Gail Bucher



2 thoughts on “Leadership”

  1. I attended the Bampton lectures today at the University Church. I had a chat with reverend Philip Nixon. I am considering my Parish Priest Br Philip Coleman (a Capuchin and Parish Priest at Greyfriars) also an Oxford Chemistry gradates , as a possible candidate for your society. Could send me fr Philips’ email address? I have not yet approached Br Paul.

    1. Dear John,
      Thank you for reaching out. Philip spoke well of the Bampton Lectures. You can reach him at this address: phillipn64@gmail.com. We would be delighted to hear from Br. Coleman. If you have a strong personal interest, you might consider joining as an associate. For either, you can contact Fr. Stig Graham (stiggraham@netscape.net), our Warden.

      God is with you.

      Blessed feast of Absalom Jones!

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